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Mastering Acrobat Made Easy- Digital Edition (Online/Download)

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $25.00. for 1 year

Course Title: Mastering Acrobat Made Easy
Product Type: Online Access & Digital Download
Versions Covered: Pro DC & XI
Hours of Content: 8
Video Lessons: 163
Manual: 315 Pages
Practice Files: Included


Our complete Adobe Acrobat training course delivered via online access and digital download. Includes:

  • Video Lessons
  • Printable Instruction Manuals
  • Practice Exam
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

 Topics Covered:

Getting Acquainted with Acrobat
1. Introduction to Adobe Acrobat Pro and PDFs
2. The Acrobat Environment
3. The Acrobat Home View
4. The Acrobat Tools View
5. The Acrobat Document View
6. The Menu Bar
7. Toolbars in Acrobat
8. The Common Tools Toolbar
9. Customizing the Common Tools Toolbar
10. Customizing the Quick Tools Toolbar
11. The Page Controls Toolbar
12. Resetting All Customizable Toolbars
13. Showing and Hiding All Toolbars and the Menu Bar
14. The Navigation Pane
15. The Tools Center
16. Customizing the Tools Pane

Opening and Viewing PDFs
1. Opening PDFs
2. Selecting and Copying Text and Graphics
3. Rotating Pages
4. Changing the Viewing Options
5. Using the Zoom Tools
6. Reviewing Preferences
7. Finding Words and Phrases
8. Searching a PDF and Using the Search Pane
9. Sharing PDFs by Email
10. Sharing PDFs with Adobe Send and Track

Creating PDFs
1. Creating New PDFs
2. Creating PDFs from a File
3. Creating PDFs from Multiple Files
4. Creating Multiple PDF Files at Once
5. Creating PDFs from Scanned Documents
6. Creating PDFs Using the PDF Printer
7. Creating PDFs from Web Pages Using a Browser
8. Creating PDFs from Web Pages Using Acrobat
9. Creating PDFs from the Clipboard
10. Creating PDFs Using Microsoft Office
11. Creating PDFs in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
12. Creating PDFs in Adobe Applications
13. Creating PDFs in Outlook
14. Converting Folders to PDF in Outlook

Custom PDF Creation Settings
1. PDF Preferences in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
2. Adobe PDF Settings
3. Creating and Modifying Preset Adobe PDF Settings
4. The General Category in Preset Adobe PDF Settings
5. The Images Category in Preset Adobe PDF Settings
6. The Fonts Category in Preset Adobe PDF Settings
7. The Color Category in Preset Adobe PDF Settings
8. The Advanced Category in Preset Adobe PDF Settings
9. The Standards Category in Preset Adobe PDF Settings
10. Create PDF and Email in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
11. Mail Merge and Email in Word
12. Create and Review in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
13. Importing Acrobat Comments in Word
14. Embed Flash in PowerPoint and Word
15. PDF Settings and Automatic Archival in Outlook

Basic PDF Editing
1. Initial View Settings for PDFs
2. Full Screen Mode
3. The Edit PDF Tool
4. Adding, Formatting, Resizing, Rotating and Moving Text
5. Editing Text
6. Managing Text Flow with Articles
7. Adding and Editing Images
8. Changing the Page Number Display
9. Cropping Pages and Documents

Advanced PDF Settings
1. Adding and Removing Watermarks
2. Adding and Removing Page Backgrounds
3. Adding Headers and Footers
4. Attaching Files to a PDF
5. Adding Metadata
6. Optimizing a PDF for File Size and Compatibility

1. Using Bookmarks in a PDF
2. Modifying and Organizing Bookmarks
3. Assigning Actions to Bookmarks

Adding Multimedia Content and Interactivity
1. Creating and Editing Buttons
2. Adding Video, Sound, and SWF Files
3. Adding 3D Content to PDFs
4. Adding Page Transitions

Combining and Rearranging PDFs
1. Extracting and Replacing Pages
2. Splitting a PDF into Multiple Files
3. Inserting Pages from Files and Other Sources
4. Moving and Copying Pages
5. Combining PDFs

Exporting and Converting Content
1. Exporting Text
2. Exporting Images
3. Exporting PDFs to Microsoft Word
4. Exporting PDFs to Microsoft Excel
5. Exporting PDFs to Microsoft PowerPoint

1. Methods of Collaborating
2. Sending for Email Review
3. Sending for Shared Review
4. Reviewing Documents
5. Adding Comments and Annotation
6. The Comment Pane
7. Advanced Comments List Option Commands
8. Enabling Extended Commenting in Acrobat Reader
9. Using Drawing Tools
10. Stamping and Creating Custom Stamps
11. Importing Changes in a Review
12. Using Tracker to Manage PDF Reviews

Creating and Working With Portfolios
1. Creating a PDF Portfolio
2. PDF Portfolio Views
3. Using Layout View
4. Managing Portfolio Content
5. Using Details View
6. Setting Portfolio Properties

Getting Started With Forms
1. Creating a Form from an Existing PDF
2. Designing a Form in Microsoft Word
3. Creating a Form from a Scanned Document
4. Creating Forms from Image Files
5. Creating Text Fields
6. Creating Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
7. Creating Drop-Down and List Boxes
8. Creating Buttons
9. Creating a Digital Signature Field
10. General Properties of Form Fields
11. Appearance Properties of Form Fields
12. Position Properties of Form Fields
13. Options Properties of Form Fields
14. Actions Properties of Form Fields
15. Selection Change and Signed Properties of Form Fields
16. Format Properties of Form Fields
17. Validate Properties of Form Fields
18. Calculate Properties of Form Fields
19. Align, Center, Match Size, and Distribute Form Fields
20. Setting Form Field Tab Order
21. Enabling Users and Readers to Save Forms
22. Distributing Forms
23. Responding to a Form
24. Collecting Distributed Form Responses
25. Managing a Form Response File
26. Using Tracker with Forms

Professional Print Production
1. Overview of Print Production Support
2. Previewing Color Separations
3. Color Management and Conversion
4. Using the Object Inspector
5. Using the Preflight Dialog Box
6. Correcting Hairlines
7. Saving as a Standards-Compliant PDF

Scanning and Optical Character Recognition
1. Recognizing Text in a Scanned PDF
2. Recognizing Text in PDFs
3. Reviewing and Correcting OCR Suspects

Automating Routine Tasks
1. Using Actions
2. Creating Custom Actions
3. Editing and Deleting Custom Actions
4. Sharing Actions

Document Protection and Security
1. Methods of Securing a PDF
2. Password-Protecting a PDF
3. Creating and Registering Digital IDs
4. Using Certificate Encryption
5. Creating a Digital Signature
6. Digitally Signing a PDF
7. Certifying a PDF
8. Signing Documents with Adobe Sign
9. Getting Others to Sign Documents
10. Redacting Content in a PDF
11. Redaction Properties
12. Revealing and Clearing Hidden Information

Adobe Reader and Document Cloud
1. Opening and Navigating PDFs in Reader
2. Adding Comments
3. Digitally Signing a PDF
4. Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Acrobat Help
1. Adobe Acrobat Help

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