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Mastering Crystal Reports Made Easy- Manuals Only (Download)

Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $9.95.

Course Title: Mastering Crystal Reports Made Easy
Product Type: PDF Instruction Manuals
Versions Covered: 2013, 2011, 2008 & 11 (XI)
Pages: 226


Our complete Crystal Reports training manuals delivered via digital download.

See Sample Manual

 Topics Covered:

The Crystal Reports Environment
1. Starting Crystal Reports
2. The Menu Bar
3. Using Toolbars
4. The Design View

Creating Data Connections
1. Creating a New Blank Report
2. The Database Expert
3. Access/Excel (DAO)
5. Database Files
6. Java Beans Connectivity
10. OLE DB (ADO)
11. Salesforce.com
12. SAP BW MDX Query
13. SAP Info Sets
14. SAP Operational Data Source
15. SAP Table, Cluster, or Function
16. Universes
17. XML and Web Services
18. Repository
19. More Data Sources
20. Selecting Report Data and Tables
21. The Data Explorer

Creating Basic Reports
1. Adding Data Fields to a Report
2. Browsing Field Data
3. Selecting, Moving, and Resizing Fields
4. Using the “Size” and “Align” Commands
5. Creating Text Objects
6. Saving a Report
7. Previewing a Report
8. Refreshing the Report Data

Linking Tables in a Report
1. Basic Table Structures and Terms
2. Linking Multiple Tables
3. Table Joins
4. Enforcing Table Joins and Changing Link Types

Basic Formatting Techniques
1. Formatting Report Objects
2. The “Common” Tab of the Format Editor
3. The “Number” Tab of the Format Editor
4. The “Font” Tab of the Format Editor
5. The “Border” Tab of the Format Editor
6. The “Date and Time” Tab of the Format Editor
7. The “Paragraph” Tab of the Format Editor
8. The “Picture” Tab of the Format Editor
9. The “Boolean” Tab of the Format Editor
10. The “Hyperlink” Tab of the Format Editor
11. The “Subreport” Tab of the Format Editor
12. Drawing Lines
13. Drawing Boxes
14. Format Painter
15. Formatting Part of a Text Object
16. The Template Expert
17. Inserting Pictures

Record Selection
1. The Select Expert
2. Setting Multiple Filters
3. Editing the Selection Formula

Sorting and Grouping Records
1. The Record Sort Expert
2. The Group Expert
3. Managing Groups
4. Summarizing Groups
5. Hierarchical Groupings
6. The Group Sort Expert

Printing Reports
1. Inserting Special Fields
2. Page Setup
3. Printing Reports

Using Formulas
1. Crystal Reports Formula Syntax
2. The Formula Workshop- Formula Editor Window
3. Creating Formula Fields
4. Crystal Syntax
5. Basic Syntax
6. Finding Function and Operator Assistance

Advanced Formatting
1. The Highlighting Expert
2. The Section Expert
3. Conditionally Formatting a Section
4. Conditionally Formatting a Field
5. Manipulating Multiple Sections

Summary Reports
1. Summarizing Report Data
2. Using the DrillDownGroupLevel Feature

1. The Chart Expert
2. Editing Charts
3. Setting General Chart Options
4. Formatting Selected Chart Items
5. Formatting a Data Series
6. Formatting Chart Gridlines
7. Setting Chart Axes Options
8 . Adding Chart Trendlines
9 . Modifying a 3D Chart View
10. Using Chart Templates
11. Auto-Arranging Charts

Advanced Reporting Tools
1. Using Running Totals
2. Creating Parameter Fields
3. Parameterized Record Selection
4. Creating Subreports
5. Report Alerts
6. Report Alert Functions

Advanced Formula Creation
1. Evaluation Time Functions
2. Declaring Variables
3. Using and Displaying Variables
4. Using Array Values
5. Using “If… Then… Else…” Statements
6. Using the “Select/Case” Statement
7. Using “For” Loops
8. Using “Do… While” Loops
9. The IIF Function

Advanced Reporting
1. Creating a Report Template
2. Exporting Report Results
3. Exporting as HTML
4. Setting Default Options
5. Setting Report Options

Using Report Wizards
1. Using the Report Wizards
2. Report Wizard Types
3. Creating a Cross-Tab Report

Advanced Database Concepts
1. Viewing the SQL Code
2. Using Table Aliases
3. Verifying the Database
4. Setting the Datasource Location
5. Mapping Fields

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