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Mastering Lightroom Classic CC Made Easy- Digital Edition (Free Trial)

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $25.00. for 1 week

Course Title: Mastering Lightroom Classic Made Easy
Product Type: Online Access
Versions Covered: CC
Hours of Content: 8
Video Lessons: 158
Manual: 288 Pages


Our complete Lightroom Classic training course delivered via online access. Includes:

  • Video Lessons
  • Printable Instruction Manual
  • Practice Exam
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

 Topics Covered:

Getting Acquainted with Lightroom Classic CC
1. Introduction to Lightroom Classic CC
2. The Lightroom Classic CC Environment
3. Modules in Lightroom Classic CC
4. Managing Panels
5. Using the Toolbar
6. File Formats Supported in Lightroom Classic CC
7. About Color Management
8. Calibrating a Monitor and Installing Color Profiles
9. Help Features in Lightroom Classic CC

Importing Photos
1. Importing Photos from Files and Folders
2. Importing Photos from Cameras or Card Readers
3. Importing Photos from Photoshop Elements
4. Setting Import Options with the File Handling Panel
5. Setting Other Important Options
6. Setting Import Preferences

Using Catalogs
1. About Catalogs
2. Creating New Catalogs
3. Customizing Catalog Settings
4. Setting a Default Catalog
5. Optimizing Catalogs
6. Copying and Moving Catalogs
7. Find Missing Photos in a Catalog
8. Exporting Catalogs
9. Deleting Catalogs
10. Backing Up Catalogs Manually
11. Scheduling Catalog Backups
12. Automatic Catalog Backups
13. Restoring a Catalog from a Backup

The Library Module
1. The Library Module Environment
2. Switching Library Module Views
3. Using the Grid View
4. Using the Filmstrip
5. Selecting Photos in the Filmstrip and Grid
6. Filtering Photos in the Filmstrip and Grid
7. Using the Loupe View
8. Using the Folders Panel
9. Creating and Managing Folders in the Folder Panel
10. Creating Panoramas
11. Using HDR Photo Merge

Organizing Photos in the Library Module
1. Using Face Recognition
2. Using Photo Stacks
3. Using Keywords
4. Using the Painter Tool with Keywords and Keyword Sets
5. Showing Flags, Ratings, and Labels
6. Using Ratings
7. Using Flags
8. Using Color Labels and Label Sets
9. Metadata and XMP
10. Adding Photo Metadata

1. About Collections
2. Creating Collections
3. Creating Collection Sets
4. Using Collections and Collection Sets
5. Using the Quick Collection
6. Creating Smart Collections
7. Using Smart Collections
8. Using the All Synched Photographs Collection

Finding Photos in the Library Module
1. Using the Library Filter Bar
2. Using Library Filter Presets
3. Finding Photos by Collections
4. Finding Photos by Keyword Tags

The Map Module
1. The Map Module Environment
2. Creating a Collection from a Photo Bin
3. Using GPS Data with Photos
4. Using Saved Locations

The Develop Module
1. The Develop Module Environment
2. Using Views in the Develop Module
3. Creating and Using Develop Presets
4. Undoing Image Adjustments
5. Process Versions
6. Soft-Proofing Photos
7. Image History and Snapshots
8. Applying Develop Adjustments to Multiple Photos

Adjusting Images in the Develop Module
1. Correcting Perspective Distortion Using Upright
2. Correcting Lens Distortion Automatically
3. Correcting Chromatic Aberrations and Defringing
4. Manually Applying Transform and Vignette Corrections
5. Cropping Photos
6. Straightening Photos
7. Rotating and Flipping Photos
8. Applying a Postcrop Vignette
9. Applying a Film Grain
10. Applying the Dehaze Effect
11. Fixing Red Eye and Pet Eye
12. Using the Spot Removal Tool and Visualize Spots Feature

Adjusting Image Color in the Develop Module
1. Changing Color and Tone Using Profiles
2. Setting the White Balance
3. Adjusting Overall Tonal Scale
4. Adjusting the Tonal Scale Using the Histogram
5. Adjusting the Tonal Scale Using the Tone Curve Panel
6. Adjusting the Overall Color Saturation in the Basic Panel
7. Adjusting Colors in the HSL, Color, and B&W Panels

Local Adjustments in the Develop Module
1. About Local Adjustments
2. Applying Adjustment Brush or Filter Effects
3. Using the Radial Filter Tool
4. Graduated Filter or Radial Filter Brush Controls
5. Adjustment Brush or Graduated and Radial Filter Effects
6. Using Color or Luminance Range Masks
7. Saving Local Adjustment Effect Presets

The Book Module
1. The Book Module Environment
2. Setting Book Preferences
3. Selecting Photos for a New Book
4. The Book Settings Panel
5. The Auto Layout Panel
6. The Page Panel in the Book Module
7. The Guides Panel in the Book Module
8. The Cell Panel
9. The Text Panel
10. The Type Panel
11. The Background Panel
12. Editing Book Content
13. Saving Books
14. Exporting Books

The Slideshow Module
1. The Slideshow Module Environment
2. Overview of Creating a Slideshow
3. Applying Slideshow Templates
4. Changing Slideshow Options
5. Adding an Identity Plate to a Slideshow
6. Adding Watermarking to a Slideshow
7. Adding Rating Stars to a Slideshow
8. Adding Text Overlays to a Slideshow
9. The Backdrop Panel
10. Rearranging Slides
11. Rotating Slideshow Images
12. Setting Intro Screen and Ending Screen Options
13. Playing Music with Slideshows
14. Setting Slideshow Playback Options
15. Previewing Slideshows
16. Playing Slideshows
17. Saving Slideshows
18. Exporting Slideshows
19. Creating Custom Slideshow Templates

The Print Module
1. The Print Module Environment
2. Page Setup Settings
3. Setting Print Job Options and Printing
4. Saving Print Settings as a Print Collection
5. Using Print Templates
6. Applying Layout Styles
7. Applying Image Settings
8. The Layout Panel in the Print Module
9. The Guides and Rulers, Grid and Guides Panels
10. The Cells Panel
11. The Page Panel in the Print Module
12. Saving Custom Print Templates

The Web Module
1. The Web Module Environment
2. Overview of Creating Web Galleries
3. The Layout Style Panel in the Web Module
4. The Site Info Panel
5. The Color Palette Panel
6. The Appearance Panel
7. The Image Info Panel
8. The Output Settings Panel
9. FTP Presets and the Upload Settings Panel
10. Previewing a Web Photo Gallery
11. Exporting Web Photo Galleries
12. Uploading Web Photo Galleries
13. Saving a Web Gallery as a Web Collection
14. Creating Custom Web Gallery Templates

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