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Mastering Word Made Easy- Digital Edition (Online/Download)

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $25.00. for 1 year

Course Title: Mastering Word Made Easy
Product Type: Online Access & Digital Download
Versions Covered: 2021 through 2007 & Microsoft 365
Hours of Content: 10
Video Lessons: 210
Manual: 369 Pages


Our complete Microsoft Word training course delivered via online access and digital download. Includes:

  • Video Lessons
  • Printable Instruction Manual
  • Practice Exam
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

 Topics Covered:

Getting Acquainted with Word
1. About Word
2. The Word Environment
3. The Title Bar
4. The Ribbon
5. The “File” Tab and Backstage View
6. The Quick Access Toolbar
7. Touch Mode
8. The Ruler
9. The Scroll Bars
10. The Document View Buttons
11. The Zoom Slider
12. The Status Bar
13. The Mini Toolbar
14. Keyboard Shortcuts

Creating Basic Documents
1. Opening Documents
2. Closing Documents
3. Creating New Documents
4. Saving Documents
5. Recovering Unsaved Documents
6. Entering Text
7. Moving through Text
8. Selecting Text
9. Non-Printing Characters
10. Working with Word File Formats
11. AutoSave Online Documents

Document Views
1. Changing Document Views
2. Showing and Hiding the Ruler
3. Showing and Hiding Gridlines
4. Showing and Hiding the Navigation Pane
5. Zooming the Document
6. Opening a Copy of a Document in a New Window
7. Arranging Open Document Windows
8. Split Window
9. Comparing Open Documents
10. Switching Open Documents
11. Switching to Full Screen Mode

Basic Editing Skills
1. Deleting Text
2. Cutting, Copying, and Pasting
3. Undoing and Redoing Actions
4. Finding and Replacing Text
5. Selecting Text and Objects

Basic Proofing Tools
1. The Spelling and Grammar Tool
2. Setting Default Proofing Options
3. Using the Thesaurus
4. Finding the Word Count
5. Translating Documents
6. Read Aloud in Word

Font Formatting
1. Formatting Fonts
2. The Font Dialog Box
3. The Format Painter
4. Applying Styles to Text
5. Removing Styles from Text

Formatting Paragraphs
1. Aligning Paragraphs
2. Indenting Paragraphs
3. Line Spacing and Paragraph Spacing

Document Layout
1. About Documents and Sections
2. Setting Page and Section Breaks
3. Creating Columns in a Document
4. Creating Column Breaks
5. Using Headers and Footers
6. The Page Setup Dialog Box
7. Setting Margins
8. Paper Settings
9. Layout Settings
10. Adding Line Numbers
11. Hyphenation Settings

Using Templates
1. Using Templates
2. Creating Personal Templates

Printing Documents
1. Previewing and Printing Documents

Helping Yourself
1. Microsoft Search in Word
2. Using Word Help
3. Smart Lookup

Working with Tabs
1. Using Tab Stops
2. Using the Tabs Dialog Box

Pictures and Media
1. Inserting Online Pictures and Stock Images
2. Inserting Your Own Pictures
3. Using Picture Tools
4. Using the Format Picture Task Pane
5. Fill & Line Settings
6. Effects Settings
7. Alt Text
8. Picture Settings
9. Inserting Screenshots
10. Inserting Screen Clippings
11. Inserting Online Video
12. Inserting Icons
13. Inserting 3D Models
14. Formatting 3D Models

Drawing Objects
1. Inserting Shapes
2. Inserting WordArt
3. Inserting Text Boxes
4. Formatting Shapes
5. The Format Shape Task Pane
6. Inserting SmartArt
7. Design and Format SmartArt
8. Inserting Charts

Using Building Blocks
1. Creating Building Blocks
2. Using Building Blocks

1. About Styles
2. Applying Styles
3. Showing Headings in the Navigation Pane
4. The Styles Task Pane
5. Clearing Styles from Text
6. Creating a New Style
7. Modifying an Existing Style
8. Selecting All Instances of a Style in a Document
9. Renaming Styles
10. Deleting Custom Styles
11. Using the Style Inspector Pane
12. Using the Reveal Formatting Pane

Themes and Style Sets
1. Applying a Theme
2. Applying a Style Set
3. Applying and Customizing Theme Colors
4. Applying and Customizing Theme Fonts
5. Selecting Theme Effects

Page Backgrounds
1. Applying Watermarks
2. Creating Custom Watermarks
3. Removing Watermarks
4. Selecting a Page Background Color or Fill Effect
5. Applying Page Borders

Bullets and Numbering
1. Applying Bullets and Numbering
2. Formatting Bullets and Numbering
3. Applying a Multilevel List
4. Modifying a Multilevel List Style

1. Using Tables
2. Creating Tables
3. Selecting Table Objects
4. Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows
5. Deleting Cells and Tables
6. Merging and Splitting Cells
7. Adjusting Cell Size
8. Aligning Text in Table Cells
9. Converting a Table into Text
10. Sorting Tables
11. Formatting Tables
12. Inserting Quick Tables

Table Formulas
1. Inserting Table Formulas
2. Recalculating Word Formulas
3. Viewing Formulas vs. Formula Results
4. Inserting a Microsoft Excel Worksheet

Inserting Page Elements
1. Inserting Drop Caps
2. Inserting Equations
3. Inserting Ink Equations
4. Inserting Symbols
5. Inserting Bookmarks
6. Inserting Hyperlinks

1. Using Outline View
2. Promoting and Demoting Outline Text
3. Moving Selected Outline Text
4. Collapsing and Expanding Outline Text

1. Mail Merge
2. The Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard
3. Creating a Data Source
4. Selecting Recipients
5. Inserting and Deleting Merge Fields
6. Error Checking
7. Detaching the Data Source
8. Finishing a Mail Merge
9. Mail Merge Rules
10. The Ask Mail Merge Rule
11. The Fill-in Mail Merge Rule
12. The If…Then…Else Mail Merge Rule
13. The Merge Record # Mail Merge Rule
14. The Merge Sequence # Mail Merge Rule
15. The Next Record Mail Merge Rule
16. The Next Record If Mail Merge Rule
17. The Set Bookmark Mail Merge Rule
18. The Skip Record If Mail Merge Rule
19. Deleting Mail Merge Rules in Word

Sharing Documents
1. Sharing Documents in Word Using Co-authoring
2. Inserting Comments
3. Sharing by Email
4. Posting to a Blog
5. Saving as a PDF or XPS File
6. Saving as a Different File Type

Creating a Table of Contents
1. Creating a Table of Contents
2. Customizing a Table of Contents
3. Updating a Table of Contents
4. Deleting a Table of Contents

Creating an Index
1. Creating an Index
2. Customizing an Index
3. Updating an Index

Citations and Bibliography
1. Select a Citation Style
2. Insert a Citation
3. Insert a Citation Placeholder
4. Inserting Citations Using the Researcher Pane
5. Managing Sources
6. Editing Sources
7. Creating a Bibliography

1. Inserting Captions
2. Inserting a Table of Figures
3. Inserting a Cross-Reference
4. Updating a Table of Figures

Creating Forms
1. Displaying the Developer Tab
2. Creating a Form
3. Inserting Controls
4. Repeating Section Content Control
5. Adding Instructional Text
6. Protecting a Form

Making Macros
1. Recording Macros
2. Running and Deleting Recorded Macros
3. Assigning Macros

Word Options
1. Setting Word Options
2. Setting Document Properties
3. Checking Accessibility

Document Security
1. Applying Password Protection to a Document
2. Removing Password Protection from a Document
3. Restrict Editing within a Document
4. Removing Editing Restrictions from a Document

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