Mastering WordPress Made Easy- DVD-ROM

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Course Title: Mastering WordPress Made Easy
Hours of Content: 5
Video Lessons: 71
Manuals: 1


Our complete WordPress training course on DVD-ROM. Includes:

  • Video Lessons
  • Printable Instruction Manuals
  • Practice Exam
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

 Topics Covered:

Introduction to WordPress
1. Introduction to WordPress
2. vs.
3. Installing and Running WordPress
4. Logging into the Admin Area
5. The WordPress Interface and Dashboard
6. The WordPress Toolbar

Creating Posts
1. Posts vs. Pages
2. Creating a New Post
3. The Formatting Toolbar
4. Copying and Pasting Content
5. Text Formatting
6. Creating Links
7. Adding Images
8. Using Featured Images
9. Adding Images from a URL
10. Adding an Image Gallery
11. Saving a Draft
12. Using Revisions to Compare and Restore
13. Publishing Posts
14. Using Categories and Tags
15. Using the Read More Tag and Excerpts
16. Managing Comments

Creating Pages
1. Creating Basic Pages
2. Page Hierarchy
3. Using Page Templates
4. Creating a Static Front (Home) Page
5. Managing Pages and Posts
6. Quick Edit
7. Bulk Edit

Managing Media
1. Managing Images, Video and Other Media
2. Bulk Deleting Media
3. Managing Media Settings
4. Editing Images in the Media Library
5. Editing Video Information in the Media Library
6. Editing Audio File Information in the Media Library
7. Editing Other File Information in the Media Library
8. Inserting a Video into a Page or Post
9. Inserting a Video Playlist into a Page or Post
10. Inserting an Audio File into a Page or Post
11. Inserting an Audio Playlist into a Page or Post

Creating Portfolios
1.Creating a Portfolio
2. Portfolio Categories
3. Managing Portfolios

WordPress Plugins
1. Installing Plugins
2. Installing a Form Plugin
3. Installing a Social Media Button Plugin
4. Installing an E-Commerce Plugin

Themes and Customizing Site Appearance
1. Selecting and Changing Themes
2. The Theme Customizer
3. Custom Header Images
4. Custom Menus
5. Using Widgets
6. Installing Themes from the WordPress Theme Directory
7. Installing Custom Themes
8. Customizing WordPress for Mobile

Managing Your User Profile
1. Managing Your User Profile
2. Creating a Gravatar Profile
3. Adding and Managing Users
4. General Settings
5. Writing Settings
6. Reading Settings
7. Discussion Settings
8. Media Settings
9. Importing and Exporting Content

Attracting and Keeping an Audience
1. Creating Permalinks
2. Search Engine Optimization
3. Moderating Comments

Maintenance and Security
1. How WordPress Works
2. Manually Installing Themes and Plugins
3. Updating WordPress
4. Security and Backup Plugins

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